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" The axe forgets; the tree remembers. "

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Boobtique - Conforto sem medidas

Conforto sem medidas. Simples como deveria ser, lingerie bonita, confortável e do tamanho certo, o seu!


Priscilla Tattoo
Porto Alegre RS Brasil

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Dont judge people according to their appearance by Peter Chmela

This series of picture was created for a experimental typography course. It was also created for a Stefan Sagmeister site Things I have learned in my life so far. My friend Martin photographed a part of my body and I did the rest in photoshop. It took me half a year to do it. Nevermore.I really hate the excessive human self-conceit, when somebody judges people just according to their appearance. And often these people don‘t achieve anything special, They just „talk smart“. 

Thanks so much to Darnyill for suggesting this.

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